(in development)

Written by Barbara Bays-Baldwin and Simone Glover.

Set in 1898. A transatlantic, rags to riches, mystery romance about a poor New Yorker suddenly transported into English high society. 

Based on the 1913 best-selling novel, T. Tembarom, by the English-American writer, Frances Hodgson Burnett, (The Secret Garden). Tembarom is an intelligent, pacy, multi-layered mystery romance, full of drama, humour and pathos. A rich seam of story and character, which gives it plenty of scope to become a returning series.


(in development)

Written by Simone Glover

Set in 1890. An original period buddy movie, inspired by the little-known true-life story of the infamous nineteenth century Fox Twins. Butch and Sundance in breeches.

ALBERT and EBENEZER FOX, identical twin bandits, head the infamous FOX GANG. They have made Box Wood their home. They live off it, beneath it, and in the trees above it. They take what they want, when they want, and woe betide anyone who gets in their way. Their showmanship, wit, and contempt for the law, has ensured their popularity locally, and their notoriety is spreading across the land – it isn’t long before their escapades make international news headlines. Heroes to some – ruthless thieves and murderers to others.

Meanwhile, the tyrannical ‘squirearchy’ passes its own Draconian Game Laws to protect its personal pheasants, then sits on the bench in judgment of those who transgress the laws. Resentment is rising…