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Based on the novel by  one of the best-loved comic writers in fantasy fiction. The extraordinary and hilarious consequences of the meek actually inheriting the earth.

Malcolm Fisher, preoccupied by his most recent failures in work and love, runs over a badger. Sad, but hardly catastrophic… until the badger turns out to be none other than Ingolf, last of an ancient race of giants. With his dying breath, Ingolf hands over the fabled Ring of the Nibelung to his mild-mannered slayer. There’s just one catch: the possessor of the Ring becomes the de facto ruler of the world, and the gods of Norse Legend aren’t about to let Malcolm keep it!

Director Joe Dante : Joe has directed some of the most memorable fantasy movies that have graced the big screen, most notably: The Howling, Gremlins, Innerspace, Matinee, Small Soldiers, The Burbs; as well as tons of great TV, from The Twilight Zone to the recent remake of CBS’ Hawaii 5-0.

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Written by Barbara Bays-Baldwin and Simone Glover.

A transatlantic, rags to riches, mystery romance about a poor New Yorker suddenly transported into English high society. Set in 1898.

Based on the 1913 best-selling novel, T. Tembarom, by the English-American writer Frances Hodgson Burnett (Little Lord Fauntleroy and The Secret Garden). Tembarom is an intelligent, pacy, multi-layered mystery romance, full of drama, humour and pathos – A rich seam of story and character which gives it plenty of scope to become a returning series. Director – TBC

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Written by Simone Glover

An original period buddy movie inspired by the little-known true-life story of the infamous eighteenth century Fox Twins. Butch and Sundance in breeches.

Economic decline and poverty due to Land Enclosure and the start of the railways see farmhands out of work and their tied cottages repossessed. Once proud men are reduced to poaching and scavenging for turnips to feed their families while the tyrannical ‘squirearchy’ passes its own Draconian Game Laws to protect its personal pheasants then sits on the bench in judgement of those who transgress the laws. Resentment is rising…


 ALBERT and EBENEZER FOX, identical twin bandits, run the infamous FOX GANG, a band of robbers, cutthroats and thieves who have made Box Woods their home.

Their showmanship, wit, and contempt for the law, has ensured their popularity locally, and their notoriety is spreading across the land. It isn’t long before their crimes make international news headlines, and as their fame spreads, the ‘squirearchy’, determined to protect their laws and nip insurgency in the bud, set up a special posse called THE CUSTODIANS, a band of gamekeepers and former soldiers to hunt them down.

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