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Missing In Action Films is a London-based, Academy Award-winning independent film production company founded in 2003 by Mia Bays. Mia has worked across distribution sales and production since 1991.

Our focus is on developing, producing, finance-raising, marketing and freeing quality, thought-provoking, challenging cinema for a worldwide audience. We are unique in that our experience crosses the divide between development and sales & distribution. This means we can consult at every stage of the process from script to screen.

Our objective is to work with filmmakers with talent and vision to create outstanding work. We are passionate about telling stories that say something, mean something, and make the audience leave the cinema feeling something.

So far we have had the pleasure of working with some of the best new talent as well as great established names, such as: Josh Appignanesi (THE INFIDEL), Jim Cartwright (ROAD, LITTLE VOICE), Stephen Kijak (SCOTT WALKER:30 Century Man, STONES IN EXILE), Sundance prizewinner and Indie Spirit new talent nominee John Maringouin (BIG RIVER MAN, RUNNING STUMBLED), Jay Basu (MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT), Matt Porterfield, and, new to the world of moving pictures, renowned fashion photographer, Tim Walker.